A group of people that are standing up

The cast of Born This Way A & E Television

This drawing was auctioned off for The National Down Syndrome Society.
Portrait is signed by the cast.

A man holding medals in front of a painting.

Mike Brannigan

Olympic Gold Medalist
Mike has autism

Our Mission

To show the beauty and dignity of all people regardless of the nature of their disability.

To honor them by doing their portraits.

To bring them to the public’s attention and into the mainstream of public life.

To assist Foundations and Corporations fundraise for people with disabilities.

Celebrity Portraits for Fund Raising

Many celebrities contribute to Foundations supporting people with disabilities by using their names and images for fundraising efforts.

A signed Show Who You Are Portrait of the celebrity can be auctioned off at a fundraising event or online with proceeds going to the Foundation.

Sample of celebrity portraits can be seen in the Gallery.

thumbnail_Final Champion.jpg_1694102929

Drawing of Woody Harrelson and some of the cast of the movie "Champions."
The drawing is being auctioned off for Best Buddies' Champion Gala.